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3.5 - Years, not the edition. And yet...

So... it's 15:00 in the afternoon, I've been sick for a fortnight now, and I thought to myself, "Self... you're sick, you're tired, but at least you don't smell (thanks to that awesome shower). You should reward yourself by trying to do something vaguely...productive." So I girded my loins, hacked up a lung, and admitted that perhaps "Mark IV Style motherfucker!!" was still a bit beyond me.

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My state of gaming

Good ol' Livejournal. Though I've been preoccupied with getting life all sorted out, it's still here waiting quietly for me. Without bothering to cover the personal update right now, I'll simply cover the rpg update. The personal update (if I bother catching up all three people that read this) is better than the rpg update.

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iPad and 4E musing

No, this isn't about running a 4E game using an iPad, nor is it about me wishing this or that 4E app worked for iPad...

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Talislanta is released for free...

Yup, that's right.

Stephan Michael Sechi has gone ahead and released Talislanta mostly into the wild. I say "mostly" because he hasn't setup any kind of license for the system, so that means if you want to use the mechanics behind Talislanta, you'll have to clone 'em first. But the game and all the books?

Yup. 100% free. No, there's no option to have them done up in PoD (Print on Demand) fashion, you'll have to figure that out yourself if you can't find a print copy.

I've got me a metric ton of love for Talislanta, despite never having been able to run the game more than once. The 4th Edition (sometimes called "Big Blue") was done by John Harper. Harper has since gone on and earned himself a loyal little following, being the same fellow responsible for Agon, Danger Patrol, and Lady Blackbird.

The system of Talislanta is quite simple, especially as presented in 4th. 5th Ed (which was done by Morrigan Press) adds on stuff that I don't feel was really needed.

Check out a classic that's always been in the shadows but still chugging quietly along. Even if you don't wind up running the game as it is, it's still got plenty of cool things that can be lifted and imported into Your Favorite Game (like S7S).



KapCon 19 or XIX

Last year I attended KapCon for the very first time. I'd been in NZ all of about a week. I'd never been to a gaming convention before and never did a LARP before either. This year's KapCon makes the 3rd rpg convention I've attended. Last year I really enjoyed myself, despite being severely out of my element.

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Things rpgs can learn from comics pt1

Yeah, I know it's been forever and a day since I updated. A variety of reasons which basically boil down to:
1. Work.
2. Actually playing rpgs, since I'm in 3 games.
3. Actually continuing to work on my projects (maybe I need to start posting stuff online to help keep me honest and moving?)
4. A general reluctance to post just to be posting. I post when stuff is taking up brainspace and to sort things out. I don't like posting without at least some coherency to what's being posted. Probably doesn't show, considering the randomness and stream-of-consciousness style I've got, but... *shrug* Oh well.
5. I'm not one of these ultra-dedicated bloggers. These guys sit around and think about this stuff all the time; either that or else they're a hell of a lot more creative than I am. Either way, I've got other stuff on my brain than rpgs and angsting about whatever.

Oh, and yes I did go to KapCon again this year. Last year was my first ever convention and I'd been in New Zealand for all of about a week. I may or may not post about my experience this year and the games. I'm still partially mulling it over.

So with that out of the way, let's look at today's actual post. Note that this is a "series" of unknown length. Which means I've got more than one post in me but I'm not entirely sure how many, and I don't plan on spending the next year going through my comics and talking about them in relation to rpgs.

Right now there's 2 books I'm specifically thinking about, although there's always the possibility that other bits will pop up. It's one part "book review" and I dunno how many parts of ruminating about applying the lessons elsewhere, in this case to rpgs.

The things I think rpgs can learn from comics aren't strictly on a "game designer" side. I think there's an awful lot of people out there that want to be a "game designer", and I've got mixed opinions about this. Which might be funny to some folks considering that I've got several different things I'm working on myself, but I'm not interested so much in becoming a "game designer" as much as I am interested in designing and putting out a few different things that have been kicking around in my head for a while and more importantly to put out a few games that _I_ want to run and play and aren't around.

So in a number of respects the lessons are just as much about running a game.

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So, as mentioned in the previous post, I've got a problem in the form of what to do with the Training Points I've got on Kerem.

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[Games I'm playing] Previously on S7S...

It's way past time that I updated what's going on in the game, so here it goes.

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World of Wearable Art

This past week, The Bear had a friend of a friend over to visit from Auckland. The Bear had stayed with her while up in Auckland recently and returned the favor; the Aucklander is an American that's only going to be around for another year or so and wanted a chance to explore Wellington and the surrounding area better.

Both of them were also keen to check out "WOW" which threw me for a loop, until The Bear explained the acronym. The premise sounded somewhat interesting, so I said "get me a ticket too" and we went.

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Games I'm running - S7S reboot

Yes, at long last I'm returning to the game I was running for the S7S playtest.

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